Holiday Greetings from the “HPU FAMILY!!” ^_^

Well next week will be Christmas!! OMG!! This will be great Christmas!! Im hoping that I’ll get lots of presents!! ^_^
well yesterday I went to Queens Shop to look for a job and by luck, I found a job opening at this place called Perfume Mania!! the boss i looking for a temporary assistant. So she gave me the job application and on Thursday..I will be able to turn it in and I hope and pray that I get the Job!! Then I went to the Hilton at Waikaloa to visit my auntie and to see if she was working but she wasnt. But..I saw my other uncle (not related to him but I still call him uncle out of respect) and he was soo happy to see me!! then I saw my manong RJ too!! and they were all shock to see me!! haha!! and then I went home!!
Then today!! I was soo bored at home!! until my dad called me and said that I have to go visit my aunties and uncles and to tell them I am here already. So I drove around Kohala and visited my relatives!! dang!! they all thought I got skinner, but I feel like I got fatter!! I dont know they need glasses or sumthing!! anyways thats was my day!!
Oh yeah!! last night I couldnt sleep so, I made a holiday greeting!! ^_^ LOL its soo cute!! ;p

Well Im Outs!! Peace yo!! ^_^


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