IM HOME!! ^_^

Finally Finals Week are over is now I am finally Home!! I just flew in from Oahu on Saturday night and now I am back home on the Big Island!! I am soo happy, but yet I’m sad. I am so sad because Heather will be leaving to go to Vegas and Ai-Chan will be left on Oahu, without the both of us there!! Wuahh!! this is making me crazy!!
Well my Fall semester has finally ended and now I am looking forward to the Spring Semester!! Yay!! New adventures await!!^_^
Well as the last day of finals week was on Friday Ai-chan and Heather decided to sleepover that night!! We had our last hang out time until next year!! we went to see the city lights and it as a blast!! I will miss them terribly but I will still keep in contact with them through the internet!!
Thank goodness to the internet!! LOL!! ^_^

well I guess that’d be all!! Here are the some of the pics that we took at the city lights!! ^_^

Happy Holidays!!



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