Veterans Weekend!!

Well i havent blogged for a long time!! Well yeah..this couple of weeeks was pretty crazy!! On  monday night I caught the bus to sleepover Heathers house cause Tuesday was Veterans Day. So Heather and I spent our veterans day together!! Well we was sitting at her house i was wondering what we are going to eat for dinner and we thought to go to the store and buy some chicken and gravy. So we went back to Heathers house and she cooked stuffing and baked an apple pie. While I was making gravy and the oh so delicious DORRITO salad!! haha!! well yeah so we did like an early Thanksgiving and after that we played Bash Brawl? i dont know if thats right…but anyways.. i got hooked on to the game..cause it was my first time playing it!! I had so much fun playing it but i kept on dying!! Grrr!! then I read Heather a bedtime story!! LOL!! then we didnt even go to sleep like 12 or 1 in the morning!!
The next day Heather and I went to Kapolei Theater to watch High School Musical 3 but we decided not to watch it cause there was a lot of little kids that are watching it too. So we decided to go pick up Melvin and we headed back to Heathers house and we played games like the whole day! So when we dropped off Melvin we stopped by this scenic place where we saw pracitically the entire city!! it was so beautiful!! we even saw the full moon that night tooo!!
After we dropped off melvin to his house we went to the store to go by some food and there were a lot of popo’s there cause apparently there was an accident. as we was walking i saw this Chinese restaurant and Heather bought some sort of noodles..But it was goood!! MMMM!! so yeah that was my Veterans weekend!!

the rest of my week was pretty tireing cause i had a Anthropology project due and i didnt even start on it till like last minute and yeah. But i was prety much hyper the whole week cause lack of sleep. But thats life!!

This is how the view looked like:

well im going to do my project of comp. science. have a good weekend!! haha!! ^_^


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