My crazy friday!!

Well my week went really well!! the suckiest thing is that i cant register for my classes until the 19th of November!! Grr!!Anyway enough about that!! i really have to tell you about Friday!! cause Friday there was soo many things going on!! so there was this meeting for the study abroad to go to korea and we had a few minutes before the meeting. So Heather says i have to use the bathroom and so we went waltked to the building to go use the bathroom and suddenly Heather yells “hey you” and this guy turns around and they start talking to casually. So as we was walking to the bathroom the guy goes to the mens bathroom and heather and i go to the womens bathroo, as we was walking to the bathroom i asked her who that guy was and Heather say “Oh thats Michael’s older brother” and i was oh OK!! so a few minutes later we got out of the bathroom and Heathers cousin got out too and they where like WOA!! and so yeah we walked and Heather pointed to me and Heather introduced me to his cousin and she told himt that meet Michael and Melvin already. And yeah!!

ok so..we said our goodbyes and we walked toward the UB building to go to the meeting. So as we was walking Heather was like OMG you meet Melvin, Michael, their older brother, her uncle and i waved hi to her auntie..and then she said somthing about meeting their sister. And im like “NO IM SCARED!!” and we started laughing.

then we got to the International Studies Office and we had to go to the bathroom!! so we took the key and we went to the bathrrom. Fist Heather went to the one of the stalls and then i followed after. It was so funny cause yeah.. cant really go onto details with that!!

well we went to the meeting and we have decided to go..hopefully things go well for our plans to go to Korea!!

well imma go im sleepy!!


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