Our Future President!


Our future president! I wish him the best of luck on his future in office! lets hope that he can solve this crises that we are in right now.
The first black president to be elected in office and I was alive to witness it!! I also voted today and I hope that all of you did too!!
well that is all i can say about our future president!
other than that my day was pretty crazy with projects, essay and a debate essay all due tomorrow!! i wonder how i managed to finish it all!! LOL. Anyways, i better go to sleep. i have a really long day tomorrow!!
Good night everyone!!
Happy Election Day! ^_^


One thought on “Our Future President!

  1. prettypinaiprincess says:

    u cant saaay that! u cant say congrats to obama like ur all for him and then say i hope u guys all voted.. technically saying i hope u all guys voted for obama cuz he won.. when u voted for mccain!! it makes no senseeee! ur contradicting urselffff  

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