Trip to Halawa Valley

Well on Saturday Heather, Ai-Chan & I went to Halawa Valley for our Anthropology class project. It was really interesting how you can still find the natural beauty of Ohau behind all this city look. Halawa Valley kind of remind me of home back in the Big Island. So anyways we had to take a tour of the Valley and afterwards we pulled weeds and cleaned up the land a little bit and also we made dry land taro patch. We had so much fun but poor Heather got mosquito bite all over her arms!!
Then we went home and picked up Mikol so he could help me with my other project of Anthropology. So as Ai-Chan and Heather was taking a shower I was observing Mikol play games cause Im doing my project on vidoe gamers. Then we watched Hana Yori Dango and Mikol liked the main character..but I kinda spoiled it for them. But anyways that was my Saturday. I was so tired when I got home that I am still not finish with my essay!! Gaah!! anyways I hope to finish tonight and study for my Chem. Exam thats on Tuesday!! Well here is the pictures of our Saturday!! ^_^


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