Well yesterday was Halloween!! I had such a good time!! I went to the Haunted Plantation in Waipahu with Heather,Ai-Chan and Melvin.  Damn that was the most scariest experience of my life!!

So it was Friday night and Ai-Chan and I just got out of the bus, we watied for Heather to come and pick us up so as we was walking to Starbucks I like literally steped on a pile of mudd of sespool. It was so digusting, so Ai and I went inside Starbucks to use the bathroom cause I was holding my pipi for like two hours!! damn!! I was seriously dying!! anyways I went to the bathroom and did my thang and then I stuck my foot under the focet and just washed my feet!! haha!! it was so gross thats why!! it felt so slimy and sticky!! Gaaahhh!! so then Heather picked us up at Starbucks, Heather introduced us to her cousin Melvin. And we merrily went to Heathers house. So I was talking on the phone with my mom as I was in the car going to Heathers house. My mom was just randomly just giving the phone to some random kids saying Trick-O-Treat to me!! it was so awkward!! goodness!! but anyways…my cousin keeps calling me where we was and we was still in Ewa Beach. So I had to rush to change my pants. When that was done we all hopped into Heather pimpin car and drove to Waipahu. When we got there!!..we couldnt find parking!! gosh it was soo hard!! anyways we found parking and we had to walk for a few minutes just to get to the plantation. So when we got there!! we heard like chingsaws and screaming!! OMG!! I was readay to piss my freaking pants!! I wanted to run away but Heather was like “common Snyra you have face you fears” or sumthing along those lines!! So went to buy our tickets and the like was so stinking long!! I mean!! there was a lot of pple!! When we got out ticket I called my cousin and introduced my friends to her!! then we followed my cousin and then I had to introduce my other cousin to my friends again! anywho… we was like standing in line for like i thing an hour? but while we was standing there was sang songs from our favorite asain singers. LOL it was soo funny cause I like always messed the song up cause you know I am not a good singer!! LOL well yeah that night I keep calling Heather’s couisn Melvin like crazy names and I couled never get the name correct!! Gaahhh!! so as we got closer Heather wanted to use the bathroom and she was all like nervous I guess.. but then we got to the fron of the line I was getting nervous and I wanted to bail out on them!! but they were all like No Snyra!! so I clinged to my cousin!! LOL!!
As we walked throught the tunnel all you can see is this dim light like you are walking through the shadows of death! Then we started screaming cause there was this person that came in!! When we actually pass the gate! MAN!! I was shivering like a freaking chihuahua!! LOL so we ran like crazy and me clinging to my cousin!! and then my other cousin was like pulling my hair and we was stuck together!! The horrible monsters was coming at us from left to right and I was just screaming and praying for my dear life! So as we got closer to the end I noticed that I lost Heather, Ai, and Melvin!! OMG!! so i was like looking back but dude there was these monsters and was just on us!! so we meet up with  my cousins friend and she wasnt even scared at all!! so we waited for them and then there was thing person that popped out from this house so we had to continue on! So we see the finish line and then the chingsaws come out!! AAAAAHHHH!! they were everywhere!! OMG!! I thought I was going to die!! The chingsaws was real for crying out loud!! I think the last chingsaw man nearly chopped my head off!!AAAAHHH!! just thinking about it makes me feel scared!! LOL!! so when we finally got to the fiinish line I just started laughing and so we had to wait for the rest of them to come! it took them so long to get pass all the chingsaw people cause they were trapped and my cousins and I was just standing there laughing!! So as the group came closer to us I tried to find Heather, Ai and Melvin. When I finally found them Heather & Ai came to hug me so tight I thought I would suffocate! but that hug was like we were never going to see each other again!! well we was glad that that was over. So we headed back to the car and to drop off my cousins to their house. I went to go and say HI to my uncle and auntie and I also took some food with me!! it was this filipino dish that my uncle made. Then we dropped off ELVIN (Melvins nickname) off to his house & he was like by Shnarly (my new nickname) LOL so we went back to Heathers and we ate dinner and I let them taste the food that my uncle cooked for me! and they liked it!! Even Ai-Chan!! LOL so yeah then we watch a movie called Whatever Happened in Vegas and then we slept at 1:00 am!! ugggh and Heather slept in her own room and Ai and I slept in the other room and then we had to wake up early in the moring..but we shall save that for another blogging day!! LOL well goodnight people and as Heather always says PEACE OUT!! ^_^


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